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Rich Henrich (;; entrepreneur, writer, producer, actor, teacher and mentor, Rich was a dot com entrepreneur in the 90’s, developing a niche in youth/ college marketing. In 2005, he launched Film 4 Change, a non-profit dedicated to bringing story, laughter and artistic resources together. He is currently the Director of Film 4 Change and the Albuquerque Film Festival and AMFM Festival. He is a writer, festival and film producer and consultant. Rich’s greatest accolade, is mentor. he works with  young filmmakers and to help make their dreams come true. He has taught courses in film production, screenwriting and entrepreneurship for artists. He is on the faculty at Ecosa Institute in Prescott, AZ and teaches screenwriting at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.


5 July 2014

Thyme Lewis ( was born in San Francisco and grew up along the Big Sur and Carmel coast. He is the poster child for the quintessential California Guy. Handsome, athletic and a daredevil at heart, Thyme surfed, stunt drives (2014 Mercedes E class campaign), modeled and became an actor. He is also the Executive Producer of the soon to be released Palm Swings. 


This Saturday, 19 July 2014,  we meet ANDY HARMON!

Andy Harmon ( and teachesActing and Improv and lead the Writers Group (Writing for Performance) at the CV Rep Conservatory. Andy Harmon is a director, actor and playwright with a special interest in improvisation who has been training actors and business professionals for over three decades.  He founded The Spolin Workshop London in 1979 and taught acting and improv at many of London’s leading drama schools. He has directed over 25 productions in Europe and the United States and coauthored and directed, La Comedia, Dante’s Journey Through the Kingdom of the Dead, in Sweden in 1999. Locally he was a member of improv company ‘Joe and Mustard’ and directed and starred in Moliere’s “Imaginary Cuckold’ for California Desert Rep in 2008. He is founder and director of “Trouble in Public.”

Colliding Worlds Radio Podcast 28 June 2013 w/Film Maker Vincent Sassone and Producer/Philanthropist Carole Krechmen

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Vincent Sassone (www.cockeyedcaravan.ccom) is an actor and award- winning film producer and director. His recent movie, A Tale of Two Pizzas. stars Sopranos alumni Vincent Pastore and Frank Vincent. The movie is available of Netflix and Amazon. In addition, Vincent created over 100 webvideos through about video. He is developing a streaming video film community, filming, where film lovers meet filmmakers. 


Carole Krechman is a business person, philanthropist and a driving force bringing tv and film to the Coachella Valley. Carole is a cofounder of CV Entertainment Studios (  CV Entertainment Studios produces several programs including the PBS SHORTS SHOWCASE. Carole continues to be on the cutting edge of new media possibilities. She is also the Co-founder of PEACEMAKER CORPS, ( The Peacemaker Corps mission is to facilitate and support peace and tolerance education among the youth of the world. The Peacemaker Corps empowers generations to come together and make our world a peaceful, compassionate, safe, and tolerant place to live.

 Carole Krechman         

COLLIDING WORLDS RADIO PODCAST 21 June 2014 w/Terry Hastings and Jaime Kowal

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21 June 2014

Terry Hastings (, has made his mark of the photographic landscape. A talented commercial and portrait photographer, Terry’s  fine artwork has brought him to the attention of galleries and collectors. This former theater major captures drama and beauty - no longer on stage - but through photos.

  Terry Hastings                   

 Jaime Kowal ( has traveled the world capturing pieces of life. Her photos draw you in to the very essence of her subject - people, landscapes, architecture.  Jaime is part of the artistic renaissance of the Palm Springs area. She is the owner to the boutique hotel, The Amado and Co-Owner of ERNEST coffee shop and Bootlegger Tiki Bar, both in Palm Springs.

    Jaime Kowal          

63 EP 63 Center Stage part 2 w/David Steen, Tristan Rogers, Sean Kanan

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COLLIDING WORLDS TV, an art documentary in a 30 minute format, brings “Center Stage, Part Two”. Actor/Playwright David Steen, Actor/Producer Tristan Rogers and Actor Sean Kanan discuss their careers in movie, tv and theater.

David Steen ( has appeared in “Django Unchained”, “Reservoir Dogs”, “Blues for Willadean”, among others. He an award-winning playwright of the highly acclaimed “A Gift from Heaven” and “Avenue A”.

Tristan Rogers ( is known around the world for his role in the Soap Opera, “General Hospital”, as Robert Scorpio. But his career is so much more than that iconic character. Tristan’s career begins in the 1960’s in his native Australia. He has continual worked in movies and television. His role in True West marks his first stage performance.

Sean Kanan ( Mark Barnes in “Karate Kid, part 111” and became a household name when he played A.J. Quartermaine in “General Hospital”. He has since go one to star on the stage, film and television. Sean currently stars as Deacon Sharpe on “The Young and The Restless”.


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In 2012 Deby Ouellette created Ghost Orchid Films (www,, which produced the movie Decay. She has been working in th entertainment industry in many different roles such as, Casting, Line Producing, Make-up Artist, and Event Planning.  She worked projects such as “Hunt For Red October”; “The FBI Files cable TV series; “Dawson’s Creek”; “Magnum P.I.”;  “America’s Most Wanted”, “Silence of the Lambs”, as well as numerous TV Commercials, Commercial Print and Fashion ads.  Deby is an advocate for our Disabled Veterans and continues to work with Vets in Washington DC at Walter Reed Hospital and local agencies in Colorado.


Lance Phillips-Martinez ( is the Creative Director of DESERT THEATERWORKS. DTW’s goal is to provide education, entertainment and exposure to cultural experiences to the Coachella Valley.  Desert Theatreworks presents imaginative, innovative, and entertaining plays and musicals. DTW brings to life works that are rarely produced. Its current production “SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY” runs June 20 – 28.



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David Horgen, with his partner, Michael Fiestasm, have created PS UNDERGROUND (, a Wandering Supper Club. This unique dining experience "Pops Up" in warehouses, art galleries, parks, shuttered restaurants, private homes or anywhere. Location, coupled with a combination of exotic food, music and art, shows all that can be beautifully presented when one lets go of the walls of the "box". David explains the how and the why of PS UNDERGROUND. Truly an adventure not to be missed PS UNDERGROUND, is a part of what makes the Palm Springs Art scene so special.

Bruce Kimerer ( is another part of what makes the Palm Springs Art scene. Bruce came to the area from the wilds of Brooklyn New York. While his earlier work reflects the moody light of the Brooklyn waterfront, Bruce’s latest work continue to take light and abstraction to different level. His journey is  art and we discuss that in this Colliding Worlds podcast.

David Horgen     

Bruce Kimerer 

 Bruce Kimerer’s Work

Colliding Worlds Radio 31 May 2014 w/Jason Bruecks

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Jason Bruecks has  been exploring the deserts, dunes, mountains, and other treasures since he was a child.  Jason is the founder and leader of  Distance 2B Traveled Hiking and Outdoors business (www.distance He is also an accomplished photographer who captures nature in all its beauty. In addition to Jason’s work as a nature guide and champion of the outdoors, he has worked in arts and film, and culture. He is the former  general manager at Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs and film lecturer at Rancho Mirage library. 

 Jason Bruecks  

COLLIDING WORLDS TV brings Ep 62, Center Stage with Actors David Steen, Tristan Rogers and Sean Kanan.

COLLIDING WORLDS TV brings Ep 62, Center Stage with Actors David Steen, Tristan Rogers and Sean Kanan. Watch it here!

Actor/Playwright David Steen, Actor Sean Kanan and Actor/Producer Tristan Rogers who will discuss their careers in movie, tv and theater. They discuss their upcoming roles in their adaptation of Sam Shepard’s True West. For Tristan, this play represents his first theatrical role. 

David Steen ( has appeared in Django Unchained, Reservoir Dogs, Blues for Willadean among others. He an award-winning playwright of the highly acclaimed A Gift from Heaven and Avenue A.

Tristan Rogers ( is known around the world for his role in the Soap Opera, General Hospital, as Robert Scorpio. But his career is so much more than that iconic character. Tristan’s career begins in the 1960’s in his native Australia. He has continual worked in movies and television. His role in True West will mark his first stage performance.

Sean Kanan ( is best known for his portrayals of A. J. Quartermaine on General Hospital, Deacon Sharpe on The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless, and Mike Barnes in The Karate Kid, Part III. Sean’s passion for live theater is evident in his revival of his role as Austin, in True West.

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The latest podcasts from Colliding Worlds Radio

17 May 2014

Colliding Worlds Radio bring brains, determinationtalent and beauty with Stephanie Bell and Leanna Bonamici. The topic - film.

Stephanie Bell  ( is an award-winning producer of film and theater. Her production companies, By the Woods Productions and Remote Films, LLC, are involved in independent film. Her latest project with writer/director Matt Duggan, INVERSE, (www.inversethemovie.comis a sci-fi thriller about a man who bursts into consciousness and desperately tries to regain his memory only to discover nothing and no one-including himself-is what they appear to be.

Stephanie Bell & Mike VenerisINVERSE

Leanna Bonamici (  is  the producer of SHORTS SHOWCASE (, a PBS program that brings short film to the public. Shorts Showcase is currently airing in 18 million homes throughout Southern California on PBS station KVCR. She is alsoPresident and CCO of CV Studios Entertainment, ((, a full service production company experienced in film, television and video production, commercials, webisodes and corporate video projects located in the Palm Springs area since 1998.

Leanna BonamiciShorts Showcase

10 May 2014

The Arts Institute of Palm Springs High School ( invaluable  opportunities for Students and Mentors! The program brings professionals in the arts and entertainment fields together with young people who are exploring all the possibilities the world may hold. Mentor Christian Sesma (, Coordinator Rick Kravits and Student Isabel Olea discuss why this program deserves recognition and support.

Christian SesmaArts Institute

You can support the Arts Institute by becoming a Friends of the Arts Institute  Your tax deductible donation will help fund the program.  “We are also always looking for volunteers to speak to classes about their career in the arts, to help with fund-raising, or to act as a student mentor, ” explained Director Rich Kravitz. Contact Kravitz at (760) 778-0425 to get involved in this worthwhile arts education organization.

Founding member Rob Thomas ( and Jeff Hocker ( bring the Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus ( to COLLIDING WORLDS. The PSGMC is presenting its 15th GALA and letting the world know, loud and clear, that music is universal.

Rob’s journey into music is poignant and a reminder that there is no such thing as disability. Rob’s blindness is an inspiration - what the mind can conceive the heart can do. Congratulations Rob and The Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus!

Rob Thomas Jeff Hocker



Artist Danny Heller ( talks about capturing light, sensuality and the icons of Mid-Century Modern design. Danny’s work is a reminder of how our past impacts our present to shape our future. His work, however, is timeless.

Danny Heller